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Natural History

Natural History


Greendoor High Speed has been suppling kit and crew to the Natural History sector for over three decades.

We have credits on many huge hits including; David Attenborugh, One Strange Rock, National Geographic and BBC

At Greendoor high speed we are set up in a way where we can either dry hire high speed camera kit to various productions or send it out with experienced field operators.

Some of our most popular natural history kit inlcudes;

Phantom RCU

Phantom Flex 4K 128GB

Phantom Flex 2K 32GD

Phantom Cinemags

EF mount for Phantom Flex 4K

Canon CN7

Canon Cine Primes

Canon 300MM / 600mm Prime Lens

Please get in touch for a Natural History tailored kit or crew quote.




Phantom 4K Flex

Aerial High Speed

Aerial High Speed

Motion control

Motion Control




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