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Phantom Flex4k Camera Specialists.

Greendoor High Speed are the specialists in Location and Studio high speed filming. We own the latest in Phantom High Speed technology, including the  Phantom Flex4K Camera and Phantom Flex.

Simon and Ross have over 2 decades of experience with the  Phantom Flex Camera systems and can offer creative solutions as either operators or specialist technicians. We are always happy to chat through the requirements of your shoot.We are always happy to chat with Producers and Dops to make sure the client gets the shot. Sometimes this shot is a once only take and that is why we are known as the Original and Professional team in High Speed.  We have bases for High Speed in Both London and Manchester. We are known with past clients to always be profesional and going to that extra mile to make sure the shots look great.

Phantom Flex 4K – Greendoor High Speed

4k Phantom Flex for Film and Television

We have credits on a wide range of feature films and dramas including, Justice League, Alice In Wonderland, A Clockwork Orange and Guy Ritchie’s ‘Revolver, Malificent, Die another day, The Man from Uncle, Wanderlust.

We have also extensively worked in 4K and 3D projects on wildlife and documentary programmes including David Attenborough’s ‘Conquest of the Skies’ and ‘One Strange Rock’ starring Will Smith. We have travelled and operated cameras in the Arctic to the jungles of Borneo.


Phantom 4K Flex

Aerial High Speed

Aerial High Speed

Motion control

Motion Control




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