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Aerial High Speed

Aerial High Speed Filming


Greendoor High Speed has teamed up with both PDG helicopters and Flying Glass to offer Phantom Flex 4K aerial shots on location in the UK and Worldwide.


PDG helicopters have an extensive fleet of aircraft as well as the highly accliamed Shotover F1 system. Greendoor High Speed’s crew are fully trained in assembly and operation of the Shotover F1. Greendoor have been heavily involved in working with Shotover and PDG to ensure the Phantom Flex4K fits and functions seamlessly within the F1 gimbal system.

Greendoor High Speed have developed a solution where footage can be recorded continuously at real time as well as capturing high speed at up to 2000 Frames per second. This technique means that we can record 4K footage during the whole flight even when the high speed footage is saving. Therefore this opens the scope of the system up to numerous possbilities for Car / Stunt / Action shots. Greendoor is fully trained in the Shotover F1 System and can travel and operate the unit anywhere in the world, and of course this doesnt always mean on a heli, the F1 can like the G1 gimble be attached from a chase car to a hover craft.

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Flying Glass are owner operators of the impressive Shotover G1 and U1 Drone. Their Pilots and Gimbal operators are selected from the most experienced crew in the UK.

Greendoor High Speed are the first company in the UK to fly the Phantom Flex4K from a drone. Starting from scratch, we have developed a system to ensure safe and smooth drone filming with the Shotover G1, U1 and Phantom Flex 4K.
We own and can also supply the Canon CN7 17-120mm lens as well as Canon Cine Prime lenses for use on the drone.

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Aerial High Speed

Aerial High Speed

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