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3d filming

3D Filming and the Phantom Flex

Green Door’s Phantom Flex’s have been used on multiple 3D rigs including the Element Technica Quasar and the P&S Technik.
We have also teamed up with British Technical Films to produce a 3D rig designed especially for our Phantoms.

The BTF 3D mirror rig was designed and built with Phantom HD Gold Cameras in mind. The unit is built in aluminium and stainless steel to maintain high rigidity within a compact design.

Jonathan Watts has had years of experience in 3D imaging. He worked on various projects for image Quest 3D including the 3D IMAX “Bugs”. He invented the single lens single camera LCD matrix system for endoscopy and robotic surgery and made the first 3D half hour natural history documentary for the BBC over ten years ago.

His expertise with building and filming with “onboard cameras” has not only jumped to HD on eagles and peregrines etc but is about to go 3D in a 100gram package. There is a clear need to tailor and prove 3D systems as a package rather than to find a rig and then find the cameras and hope that they all fit together and work. This inspired him to design and build a rig with high rigidity optimised for Green Door’s Phantom Gold Cameras. This makes one of the finest tools in the toolbox both for features and commercials currently available.


Phantom 4K Flex

Aerial High Speed

Aerial High Speed

Motion control

Motion Control




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